A new month, a new book! This one was recommended to me a few months back and so was an instant “add” to my Amazon Wish List. Glad to say that Santa was kind to me 🙂

I love listening to Tara’s podcast and meditations so it seemed weird that I hadn’t ever looked up her writing. I guess things come to us when we are ready to learn them.

Feelings of self-doubt and insecurity are what hold us back in life and cause true suffering. Tara Brach offers us all a path to freedom.

Drawing on personal stories, Buddhist teachings and guided meditations Tara leads us to trust our innate goodness. She reveals how we can develop the balance of clear-sightedness and compassion, heal fear and shame and build loving, authentic relationships.

And for that, we could all take some time out to read it!

Grab your copy here – https://amzn.to/3joV71H 

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