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Leadership 1.0+

Leadership begins with a shift in MINDSET, an understanding of our emotional integrity and development and how that shapes everything from our decision making to conflict management.

We “Unleash the Leader within” by establishing the core principles of leadership through the eyes of other leaders, but realising that might not be who we are as leaders. Leadership is something we recognise, we are likely to have experienced, or likewise understand when we haven’t experienced great leadership.

Yet, most people find it difficult to articulate exactly what leadership is. The concepts of these modules is to allow you to define your own terms of leadership, to feel grounded in this understanding and to be able to apply it to your everyday work practice.

This course has been created by Rob Jarram and Kerry Hearsey to help you build your own understanding of leadership, to reflect on how this has changed over time and links now, more than ever, to vulnerability, creativity, and emotional awareness.

Confidence 1.0+

Confidence is tricky. No matter how confident you feel, there is always something that can shake it. And if you’re not feeling confident there’s always work you can do.

Often, we feel that to boost confidence we should learn more. Become the expert. The smartest person in the room. That sends us on a wild goose chase of never ending learning and, along with it, never ending avoiding taking actions or making commitments.

Everyone has their own, personal, definition of confidence. Often that definition is vague and we don’t give a lot of time and effort to really specify it for ourselves. So naturally, the first step to feeling confident is having a clear understanding to what being confident means to you.

This course has been created by Adam Hulme and Kerry Hearsey to help you do just that – build your understanding, awareness and apply some techniques and strategies that WILL help you step up, step out, and step beyond your limits of confidence.