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1:1 Hybrid Coaching for Life & Business

Have you ever wondered what high-level athletes and leading business owners have in common? They all have coaches who help them to consistently achieve their best performance and overcome obstacles when it matters.

Your success has more to do with your personal fortitude and consistent determination than it does with your technical skill and level of expertise. More and more business leaders, high level professionals and entrepreneurs are realising how important it is to develop these skills. It’s why they’re joining forces with coaches like me.

  • Do you want to improve your leadership skills, grow your business or clarify your vision?​
  • How would fine tuning your communication skills improve your relationships?​
  • Would better negotiation skills help your business to grow?​

Everyone’s leadership style is different. The right one for you needs to be based on your strengths and not a cookie cutter idea of what a leader should look like. Learning to trust your unique attributes and develop them will not only help you in your business. 

It will enable you to make radical change in your life, relationships and career without feeling as if you’re taking a giant leap into the unknown.

The question is – are you ready to take that step?

1:1 Youth & Teen Coaching

Are you a stressed out young person?

If you’re tired of having a whole heap of adults telling you what you should be doing, I hear you. Growing up brings one fork in the road after another, with constant change and decisions for you to make. It’s no surprise that you start to feel fearful and overwhelmed with emotions that you don’t know how to manage.

You’ve been told to “just grow up” or “get over it” for too long. Hearing that these are the best years of your life and you need to enjoy them isn’t that helpful when you’re trying to deal with inner turmoil.

Are you a parent in turmoil?

If you’re the parent of a young person, you might be considering whether to arrange therapy. Coaching could be a valuable alternative. It gives young people space to talk openly about their feelings and create ways to move forward. If you’re wondering which would be best, consider this – counselling is about the past; coaching is about the future.

Therapy is the right choice for dealing with trauma and diagnosable mental health issues. Youth and teen coaching provides the tools to help young people take action to improve a life that’s OK but not ideal. It helps to create a mindset shift from limiting beliefs to optimism and strength. It gives young people the tools they need to go forward with confidence and to open doors in all aspects of their life.

Two Coach Confidence
with Kerry Hearsey & Adam Hulme

Adam and I both believe that the reason podcasts have become such an enormous medium (Joe Rogan, one of the most successful podcasters, reportedly gets 150million downloads a month) is that they allow us to be part of the conversations we wish we had more of in our lives. 

Adam and I have found a mutual passion for the topic of confidence. It’s something we both find comes up in our work on a regular basis and is very much something we have all struggled with and in many respects still do. The fascinating thing about confidence is its subjectivity, everyone has a different view of what it is, where it comes from, and its impact on their life. Creating conversations around this topic and sharing them is essentially the aim of the podcast. 

Adam and I are both fortunate enough to have a wide and varied network which enables us to create conversations with incredibly interesting people. This allows the listener to experience a great depth of knowledge around the subject and therefore provide genuine value which can directly impact the listeners life.

Not only that, it has allowed us to delve deep into the world of Confidence, understanding at a greater depth how to develop it. Keep an eye out for our TWO COACH CONFIDENCE courses heading online soon.

Performance Creative Coaching -
with Kerry Hearsey & Rob Jarram

We can all think of a high-profile sports teams or even a business that places high-value on the concept of “team” being at its core. But ultimately, what separates the good from the great? The answer is having a Team Coach to drive your leaders forward in Education.

Coaching through the Performance Creative “Leadership & Change Management in Education Programme” enables leaders to identify and address their challenges resulting in deep learning and sustainable change. It involves coaching the leadership team together as well as providing one-to-one coaching for individuals, observing and supporting team meetings and events (if required), and strategically looking at how to enable leaders to flourish and teams to perform to gold medal standards. 

The Performance Creative Coaching programme offers the leadership team an opportunity to explore their roles and purpose, team dynamics, ways of working, and the value they can collectively add to the organisation.  This approach is usually more effective and cost-efficient than one-to-one coaching for each team member, as it encourages them to work together and develop collective leadership and change.

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