Did you know that the most important tool that you have for positive change and success in life or business isn’t willpower or motivation – it’s having a Growth Mindset.
Our mind is a very powerful thing and can make or break our success – whether in our relationships, in how we view ourselves or how we step forward in business.
What do I mean by growth mindset?  
A researcher (Carol Dweck) has found evidence that we either have a ‘fixed mindset’ or a ‘growth mindset’. (Most of the information here is adapted from her research). It’s one of the most important things I believe you can learn in life, and one of the most important things that you can bring to your business.
In a Fixed Mindset we believe our basic abilities, our intelligence and talents are just fixed traits. We believe that we have certain amounts and that’s that.
In a growth mindset we believe that our talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence.
Most of us can have a fixed mindset in certain situations. It is important to notice this because it can prevent important skill development and growth. It could lead us to sabotage our goals, dreams and aspirations.
For example you could say:
“I’m not someone who has any will power”,
“I’m not someone who sticks at things”,
“It’s hard for me to put myself forward for opportunities”.
This mindset will mean that the minute you ‘mess up’ on this plan you will quit. We all mess up and fail in the short term, it’s normal.

But use your mess up to learn, grow and develop new skills.

With a growth mindset you will be willing to make mistakes. You will see failure and setbacks as a sign that you are learning, growing and are prepared for difficult things.
If you have a growth mindset you will be more likely to maximise your potential. You will overcome challenges rather than avoid them. When others succeed you will find this an inspiration rather than a threat.
What to do if you have a Fixed Mindset.
If you know you have a fixed mindset you are half way there. Most people have no idea.
If you’d like to develop a growth mindset your work is to:
1)    Learn to hear your Fixed Mindset Voice
When things get difficult in life or business, you might hear your voice saying:
>“Are you sure you can do this?

>Look at all the times you’ve failed. People will laugh at you for thinking you could stick at this. I

>t’s better to quit now, protect yourself from making a fool of yourself.”
When you fall off track, when you feel deterred from your goals or dreams, when self-sabotage is at an all time high – you might hear yourself say:
>“It’s not my fault. It’s because of so and so….”
2)    Recognise that you always have a choice
How you interpret challenges, setbacks, feedback is your choice. You chose to think you are lacking talent or ability OR with a growth mindset you can interpret events as a chance to ramp up your strategies and effort.
3)    Talk back to Fixed Mindset Voice with Growth Mindset Voice
When you face a challenge, maybe you miss a networking event or go off plan with your training plan or lose drive to do your social viability tasks…  talk back to your fixed mindset voice.
>Fixed mindset voice: “Maybe you can’t do this. Maybe you don’t have the ability.”
>Growth mindset voice: “I don’t know if I can do this YET but I’m going to put in the time and effort to learn and take steps forward.”
>Fixed: “What if you fail?”
>Growth: “There is no such thing as failure. It’s just feedback. And even when we fall, we have tried, learnt and can get up again”
4)    Take the Growth Mindset Action  

With time, which voice you follow becomes your choice.

With practice you can take on the challenge wholeheartedly, learn from your setbacks and try again, hear the criticism in your head and act on it.

It’s now in your hands!



You CAN do this!

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