We are renowned in the Hearsey household (that is my Mum and Siblings mainly) that we are absolutely sh**te at making a decision.

We giggle about it, and our partners often sit their bemused wondering what the issue is with just 1) saying how we feel and 2) selecting what we want to be on TV or what food to eat – but it really is just that, an issue to make a decision. I HATE IT! The thought of having to make a decision, at times, has left me in a state of anxiety, depression, somewhat manic style sweats.

This could be somethings as small as would love to selecting a meal (which my sister struggled to do just this past week for 40 minutes, much to the bemusement of my Mum and I) to a bigger change in life such as buying a dog! It really is something we have learnt, probably from my Mum (apologies Mum to blame…but you know it’s true).

And yet, as adults, surely we can unlearn this and start to make decisions and take action. Sounds simple of course. But when a decision could be life changing – i.e. a change of jobs, moving house, ending a relationship, starting a family, or buying a dog – it can, at times, seem insurmountable to deal with compared to the amount of energy you have in your reserve to handle – what you feel is – impending doom.

But what I have learnt, time and time again, is that the impending doom is not impending doom at all. It is quite simply doom! When we do not make a decision for our true happiness – we live in doom.

There is no impending. We are already in it! If anything, making that decision, whatever the outcome, is more-often-than-not less painful than living in the anxiety and headspace we create for not doing so. #lifestyle #decisionmaking

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