At the start of 2019, life looked extremely different. Having worked for nearly 20 years in various aspects of coaching, I truly started to practice what I peached more than ever.
I would often hear myself saying to people:
“What would make you TRULY happy?”
“What dreams do you have – what are your ambitions?”
Time and time again, I would feel super proud of clients who were taking leaps of faith, changing their lives, and following their dreams.
It was time to do the same!
9 months on – I have three successful businesses – more free time than ever – reconnection with family and friends – and a drive to SUCCEED and FULFIL DREAMS more than ever before!
However, at the start of this process, I often felt lost, isolated, and spinning! Even though I had coached MANY people in business and life, I had a blank spot on remembering what to do, how to do it, and when to do it!
Now, with a little more clarity and room to breathe, I thought I would share seven tips for a start-up – something for people to access and check out. If they help you – FANTASTIC. If they don’t – they will at least get you thinking!

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