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Take Time Out to Connect, Compose and Create through In-House Educational Events.

Remember back to the days when you were in school? Asking that question to some will draw a look of panic whilst to others, a glimpse of excitement reminiscing.

Throughout numerous years of working in education, Kerry has grown to understand that the classroom setting isn’t for everyone.

BUT get EVERYONE to connect with something they are PASSIONATE about and a new lease of life is born.

That is EXACTLY what the Kerry Hearsey Coaching In-House Educational Events look to establish – an ability FOR YOU to Connect, Compose, and Create the life and business you have in your sights – bring it closer – and make it a REALITY.

These fun seminars and workshops not only introduce you to new concepts and ideas but a way in which you can leave KNOWING how to make those next steps of change and success.

Rave Reviews of In-House Educational Events

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP - I attended Kerry’s vision board workshop and found it very insightful and useful. Kerry is very knowledgeable and passionate about mindset, ways of thinking and how the brain works and that really shows when she is talking to you. I left the session feeling very chilled and energised to start the week ahead. Kerry is understanding, level headed and calm and just completely ‘gets you’ when you speak to her. I loved the vision board workshop and would recommend to every body. Thank you Kerry 💜

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Emma Ghent Director at The Property Fox

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP - I went to Kerry's Vision Board Workshop in 2019 and all I can say is it works. I have also had some 1-2-1 coaching from her and she is a great invididual to work with and be coached by. Kerry helped me to break things down and become "unstuck" providing action items to get me moving forward. I have sinced taken part in her 2020 Vision Board Workshop and she has added some interesting and exciting elements, which have helped me move forward to my goals so far and I'm confident will help me achieve what I want

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Ricky Chauhan Digital Marketing Executive

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP - I attended the workshop to set goals and targets for myself and our company. I had the freedom to explore both my conscious and subconscious in such a fun way. Kerry has a unique way of making you feel special every-time she speaks to you and because of that, I am certain that is why I got so much out of the course. The course has been such an asset to our company and on a personal level also. From what I learned on the day, I am now incorporating this into a weekly focus to enable the company and myself to progress further.

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Constance Towl Director at DLT Roofing

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